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Manon Costard

Born in the south of France, water skiing since age of three and champion since ten; Manon Costard has been living the water skier's lifestyle for 20 years. Traveling around the world, she has been discovering new places, meeting new people from different countries, lifestyles, and cultures on a daily basis.
Manon Costard won her first European Championship title at 10 years old competing in the category of under 14 years old. Since then she won 23 gold medals from European Championships, 2 gold medals from World Championships, 1 Olympic medal (Mediterranean Games 2013), and has twice been awarded the Collegiate Athlete of the year.
"I could not ask for a better way to spend my time. Being able to travel, ski and do what I love is what I have always wished for so I am now making the most of it."                    
- Manon Costard
Manon was born in Marseille and lived in Aix en Provence until she reached the age of 13. She then moved to a sport academy (CREPS PACA site de Boulouris) where she graduated from highschool while training every afternoon. Later on, Manon moved to Nice (South of France) where she spent the two first years of her undergraduate education. She then transferred to Florida Southern College where  her collegiate water ski career started. Manon graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration followed by an MBA from University of Louisiana at Monroe. She is now studying digital marketing as her second master's degree.
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